How do we determine the Value of your Watch

When people want to sell an Angelus watch in NYC, they often come to us because we’ve been helping people sell all types of watches for many years. As one of New York’s leading watch buyers, we work hard to make the entire experience as easy as possible for each one of our customers. When you bring your watch into our shop, one of the first things we will do is perform a free, no obligation appraisal of your watch. When we do this, many people wonder what information we are gathering in order to determine the watch’s actual value.
There are many factors that go into this process, and each one is weighted according to its importance. Our watch experts will quickly find out everything they can about the watch, and then use that information to see how much we can afford to pay for a given watch. While it may sound complex, it isn’t too hard since we have so much experience. Review the following factors that we always look at when people want to sell Angelus watches in NYC.

Factors affecting Price

When we look at your watch, we’ll be thinking about and considering these things. Each of them will help us to determine how much we are able to offer you for your watch.
• Brand – Different brands of watches are more or less popular than others. Angelus watches, for example, are almost always in high demand, so they are often worth more than other similar watches.
• Model – We’ll look at which model of watch you have from a particular watchmaker. The nicer the model, the more we can pay.
• Condition – While we can buy watches no matter what condition they are in, the more ‘like new’ they are, the more they are typically worth. The one exception to this can be with antique watches.
• Popularity – If the specific type of watch you have is in high demand, it will be worth more.
• Age – For modern watches, the newer it is the more it will be worth (in most cases). On the other hand, antique watches will go up in value as they get older.
• Precious Metals – For some watches, the value is determined based on how much of a particular precious metal it contains. Gold, silver and platinum, for example, are extremely valuable right now, which can drive the price of a watch up.
When we look at each of these factors, we’ll be able to determine how much we can pay while still allowing us to make a profit when we sell the watch. In most cases, our customers are quite surprised at just how much they can sell an Angelus watch in NYC for.

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