There are many different reasons people have for wanting to sell their silver. There are also many different types of silver that people choose to sell. Like most things, it is almost impossible to list all the different factors that go into this type of decision, but for many people, selling precious items like silver can be a great way to get the money they want or need for other things. Some people want to get rid of old jewelry they no longer wear, so they decide to sell it. Others have an urgent need for some cash, so they sell these types of items to get that cash fast.
Whatever the reason you have for thinking about selling your silver, it is important to make sure you are getting the most money possible for each item. This means working with an established company, that has helped other people sell these types of things for many years. We are one of the nation’s leading silver buyers, and we can help you every step of the way. Located in New York City, we can help you right in our shop, over the phone, or even online, depending on your specific preferences.

We Provide Many Options

When it comes to helping people sell their silver, we try to offer as many options as possible. First, we are happy to buy almost any type of silver you might have. We’ve purchased silver jewelry, silver watches, silver coins, and even bars of silver. No matter how little or how much of it you have, we are able to make you a generous offer to buy it from you right on the spot.
Another way we are often able to help our customers is by allowing them to sell right in our shop, or from your own home. If you don’t live in the New York area, just contact us to get a free FedEx mailing form to send it in. Your shipment will be fully insured, so you are not at any risk. Once your silver arrives, one of our experts will inspect it and let you know how much we can pay to purchase it from you. If you like the offer we make, we’ll send you a check or wire transfer the money immediately. If not, we’ll return your items free of charge.

Paying Top Dollar for Silver

Regardless of how you decide to get your silver to us, we will always appraise it based on all the relevant factors. The price of silver items can vary greatly depending on the current price of silver, whether or not it is a part of a piece of jewelry or other item, and even the historical value some items have. When we appraise items, we take all of this into account so that we are able to give you the best price possible. Many of our competitors just have a standard price based on weight, or a few other things, which often means the people selling their silver end up getting far less than they should.
If you have any questions about how to sell silver, or how much your item might be worth, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 646-736-7668. Our silver experts will be happy to speak with you and help you throughout the process.